Member Profile: Donna Rodman


Donna Rodman, MBCSLA, CSLA, is the principal of Our Designs Landscape Architects and Associates. She is riding in 2016 to help with the efforts in raising funds for cancer research, particularly, childhood cancer research. There are many friends and relatives in her in-law family and ‘out-law’ family that have passed away from Cancer or are surviving with it today. Donna has lived overseas until returning to her home of Canada to attend The University of British Columbia. She has witnessed how diseases are treated in various parts of the world, and is a firm believer that something better can be done to help those with Cancer, especially if research in one country can be used by medical teams in other countries. She is a retired Registered Nurse and worked as an ICU/Critical Nurse in Alberta and British Columbia. In 2010 Donna was registered as a CLARB Certified Landscape Architect with interests and experience in healthcare planning and design with a particular focus on designing for people with disabilities, riparian habitat restoration, healthcare planning and design. She is fluent in Spanish, with a good understanding of French. Her interests include scuba diving, cycling, digital photography, music and hiking with her border collie. She has taken ground and pilot training. She believes: women fly – safer. She also believes that Cancer is the disease that will be cured in this 21st century and firmly supports research and changes in lifestyles that promote healthy living both physically and mentally. Cancer is something we can fight with greater science and medical breakthroughs but we must share our insights globally. Donna has been excited about some of the research that is being conducted in the ISS and hopes for more information to come forward to the medical community here! Let's get it handled and push Cancer into the history books in terms of human health and health prevention.