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David Morton



Pender Island is my home. I live here with my wife, Jennifer. She is the love of my life -- she is beautiful, vibrant, intelligent, loves nature and beauty, dancing, great literature and is a killer scrabble player. We learned in December 2013 that she has brain cancer.

We are both writers, working on our first novels. In our former lives, things were different. I was a journalist, a PR hack and a teacher of English as a Second Language. Jennifer was a lawyer. Life is much more real here, now. Life is good.

The cancer diagnosis changes things. We spend lots of time at the BC Cancer Agency, now. She's doing well, right now. Her tumour has reduced and is stable. We talk about cancer more than we did before, but slowly we are adapting to the new normal. We're planning some travel. And we want to do more to conquer cancer.

We want to change the cancer storyline ... the one that involves discomfort and an untimely end. We are focused on health, happiness and holiness. We are focused on living our lives in the here and now with grace. We want to change the cancer numbers to zero. Which is why I am with the Brainiacs and why I am doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Please support our quest to change the cancer numbers and the cancer storyline. Visit my Personal Page at the Ride to Conquer Cancer website.

And the novels ... well, that's another story.