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In 1991 I was playing hockey at UBC when I collided with another player and blacked out. I awakened to Paramedics asking me if I knew where I was. That was easy at a ice rink on the ice. The next questions stumped me, what year is it? Anyhow, they took me to hospital and found I had an arteriovenous malformation in my brain. They put me on anti -convulsants as I didn't black out, I had a full grand mal seizure. My neurologist kept me on the pills for 4 years after that until we eventually clashed on the fact he promised to take me off them each yearly check up. Finally I fired him, and had my GP send me to a new Neurologist who asked me where my MRI was. I told him I wasn't responsible for ordering it, my last neurologist was, which is probably why he was my last neurologist. Anyhow he ordered one, had me into the office to review it and showed me I had a golf ball sized tumour in my head. He assured me that it was benign. I had it out 3 months later with the neurosurgeon of my choice. After that I was put on anti-seizure drugs for life, fine by me, actual honesty! In 2007 the biggie hit. A grapefruit sized tumour, that was Stage 4 Brain Cancer, short form is GBM. I had the grapefruit out and proceeded to radiation of the 2 new tumours that had grown in the 3 week recovery. The radiation has shrunk the 2 tumours and at the time I was also taking Chemo which reduce them further to the point they were gone after 4 months of the 6 months chemo. I/we decided to proceed with the last 2 chemo rounds to make sure there was not one cancerous cell remaining. I have had over 6 years Cancer free and intend to be riding my bike into my 70's to raise money for Cancer research. Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself and we will have a cure prior to March 16, 2039. Lets hope so, because I find the number 40% of Canadians offensive. This is the current number of Canadians who can expect to get Cancer in their lifetime. I don't mind the number as long as at least 35%+ are cured.