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I'm Rob, now 50, in a new age bracket, originally from Montreal, living in Vancouver since 1988. I joined the Brainiacs 5 years ago on the 2nd year of the Ride, as I was recovering from prostate cancer surgery for the 1st year. I was recruited by my good friend Ray Demeyer, who is a co-captain of the team, and I have made so many new friends as a result. These aren't acquaintances when you ride 250 kms in a weekend together, train many more kms leading up to the Ride, camp, have a beer, a coffee, several meals, snacks and bathroom breaks with. These are people that you get to know, and share stuff with. I have 2 sons, Oliver and Simon, whom I hope will one day join us on The Ride, but for now, they have their jerseys and are enthusiastic supporters. This is so much more than a ride. Please help by donating to the Brainiacs - all the money goes to cancer research, to find a cure. Thank you for visiting!